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Terms of Use

The declaration given below is the terms of use stated by Mac Technical Support Phone Number for the website visitors/users. We on a regular basis update our terms of use without giving any notification; hence please keep checking frequently to review the changes under this section. We are very serious about the privacy of site visitors and our customers, therefore we use the personal data provided by the customers for their benefits and don’t authorized anyone to make miss use of that. During technical support process that is offered by telephone or email, we request only personal details which are very essential to complete the transactions. We generally ask important information like registered user name/Id, and specifications of the computer that includes its software & hardware and type of problems you are facing. After reading these terms & conditions, user can decide to proceed with the actions that ask to share such personal information. Though, you should also bear in mind that in several situations if you not provide such information, then you may not be allowed to complete the particular transactions for further process.

We Mac Technical Support Phone Number work with the following terms and conditions that are strictly followed by our company, hence we request our site visitors and customers to please read the terms and conditions carefully before using any of the service offered this website, as they encloses essential information and instructions with the full right to change anything anytime without any notification.

  1. A) Personal Information:

    During site use or to perform a particular process, we might ask to submit your personal identification or other personal details that facilitates us to contact you. At registration time every user has to share his contact information that includes Full name, Mail Address, Postal Code and necessary credentials etc. Mac Technical Support Phone Number tech support technicians will use your contact info to contact you regarding the products or services you have requested at the time of using our website. This might contain renewal notice, re-registration, market surveys, and promotional offers to improve the quality of our service to serve better to our site users and customers.

  2. B) Payment Information:

    If any user visits on our site and complete registration with us to use our service, we do not ask anyone to give their credit card details directly on the phone calls. This type of confidential information is entered by the user himself and Mac Technical Support Phone Number may take help of third party to verify and process credit cards details only for billing purposes. We might use this payment information for sharing with third party only in exceptional cases to perform the important payment procedure. The information regarding debit and credit cards are processed through highly secured servers and these numbers are not used by the Mac Technical Support Phone Number without receiving the permission from the respective users.

  3. C) Computer System Information:

    We request computer system information and take access of it with the knowledge of the customers. We may ask details like user login, passwords, and other permissions to access the computer or software programs to find the actual faults and other bugs. The terms of use for computer system information is discussed below, please read carefully before giving access for support.

1) Subscriber Computer:

At the time of tech support assistance, we may also request for the computer related information that you are using and need technical support. The information could be like date of computer purchase, type of computer, computer identification, model no and manufacturing date of computer, and any other software or hardware and peripherals connected with it, condition of the computer, registry and system data about hardware configuration and software installations, and error tracking files etc. And all these information is necessary to provide you a fully customized tech support service to you and also help you to upgrade our support tools and improve our supported products list.

2) Access:

At the time of support request, we may ask to take control of your computer to resolve the issues related with it. Technicians of Mac Technical Support Phone Number use certified tools that permit users to allow access of user computer to our tech support team members on online remote, so that they can detect the actual issues to resolve it instantly. Our tech support team members are not allowed to use the remote supported service to customers until they have been gone through the professional training and user grants control of its computer system. Our technical support team members never use remote access tools to obtain confidential or other key information saved inside the user’s computer system or its networks, or purposefully destroy important information on user’s computer and its network, or create a situation that can cause other types of problems with his system.

3) Diagnostic Tools:

At the time of support procedure, Mac Technical Support Phone Number may use diverse online identification applications to gather useful information to find out the actual position of the computer and installed software applications. This information enclosed into a document having the important details requested by Mac Technical Support Phone Number and is processed by safely through the internet to the Mac Technical Support Phone Number server or a third party server hired by Mac Technical Support Phone Number. Our support technicians diagnose this information to detect and fix the issues of the customers. Information collected by the applications used by Mac Technical Support Phone Number will not include any confidential details like website browsing history, email messages, sent email ids, profile details, logins and passwords. Online tech support through remote control access and diagnosis application is also depending on terms of use in relevant to software license agreement between the tech service provider and user of the computer system.

4) Live Support Session Records: Mac Technical Support Phone Number

reserves the right to observe online as well as offline sessions performed between the user and the tech support technicians just to make sure the quality check of the services provided to the customers by the tech support team members. Moreover, we may perhaps also keep the records of online and offline sessions conducted on the website for the customer reference and to offer assistance in solving the grievances or disputes in forthcoming future. The records of sessions can be also used to make our service better, deliver knowledge based support service, or organize market research. And record of data of any session will not be connected with individually recognizable data of any of the individual user.

The terms of use policy defines, how Mac Technical Support Phone Number uses and protects information which are provided by customers to our tech support team members during the time of use of website. Mac Technical Support Phone Number is strictly committed to make certain that your personal info is completely secure from any unauthorized use. If we request you to provide such confidential by which you can be known at the time of using website, then you can confirm that it will be used as per with the terms of use policy given on this website. And Mac Technical Support Phone Number also keeps the right to change the terms of use between whiles by bring up-to-date this page, so you must check this page regularly to ensure that you accept the changes made on this page.

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