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How to Troubleshoot AirDrop on Mac?

June 16, 2018 No Comments Support for AirDrop not Working Ban jackson

AirDrop is a beam transfer used in Apple devices to share data or to connect your device to the contact or to the Apple device in range. Airdrop uses Peer to Peer Transfer To Transfer data from one device to another Device using 4x Bluetooth to High speed data Transfer. If you are facing trouble with AirDrop you can search for Apple Mac customer support number.

AirDrop Troubleshooting Steps:

AirDrop has three stages of connection:

First Stage: AirDrop is off - It is unavailable to any of the device.

Second Stage: AirDrop is for Contacts only – It is the most complicated connectivity using AirDrop. You can connect to the devices in your contacts only after a process of verification between two contacts one can connect to the existing contact.

Third Stage: AirDrop for Everyone – It is available to every Apple device in the range.

How to Change the Level of Connection in Airdrop?

Step1: From your home screen launch Settings.

Step2: Select General option.

Step3: Select AirDrop and change the level of connection with other devices. In case unable to find AirDrop call now Mac customer support number

If Airdrop not working on Mac and you are trying to use AirDrop in Mac, Mac Book or Mac book Pro. Launch finder from your Mac device and click on AirDrop located in the side bar.

Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is working or not. If your Mac is on Airplane mode switch the mode to off.

Step1: From Dock or via spotlight launch system preferences.

Step2: Check if Bluetooth is switched on restart Bluetooth.

Step3: Check if Wi-Fi is switched on and working restart Wi-Fi.

Hard reset if AirDrop not working in MacBook Pro - Click on the apple icon in menu bar on home screen, select restart from the options Hard reset done if airdrop works good else check for updates.

Check for updates or Resetting Network:

Step1: From your home screen launch settings.

Step2: Select general option.

  • Check software update if available install them and check again.
  • If Airdrop working after update fine else reset network.

Step3: Select reset from the bottom of screen.

Step4: Select reset network settings.

Step5: Select passcode to change settings.

Step6: Reset networks.

Call Mac support number 1-877-232-0717 and troubleshoot AirDrop on Mac

If after following all the steps given above Airdrop not responding on Mac you can call an expert. To get in touch with Mac professionals you can contact Apple support number and get online help to fix the Airdrop problem. A team of certified tech professionals working here to fix the Apple Mac computers problems with right approach.


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