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How to Reset, Change or Recover Keychain Password On Mac?

December 28, 2016 No Comments Keychain Password On Mac Ban jackson

Keychain password on Mac devices helps to manage and control passwords of multiple accounts related with apple services like Apple Mac login, iStore or iTunes store access etc. It is one of the best application helps to keep the password secured at one place with Quick access.

However, you should also keep changing the password of keychain to ensure its authenticity. And if you don’t how to change keychain password or facing a problem while resetting the same, you can follow the few essential steps to deal with such issues.

Use Keychain First Aid for Access

Keychain not working properly or password is not functioning you need to take help with keychain First Aid that is accessible through Keychain Access Menu. Here, you will be asked to put user name and enter password, click to verify and the utility will indicate you if there is any issue. Now you can select repair and your problem will be fixed.

How to Reset Keychain Password?

If Keychain First Aid password not helps to fix your problem you can take help to reset your keychain password. To reset keychain password, you need to launch the application and select the preferences from the keychain access menu. Click on “Reset My Default Keychain” and you will be requested to use your Mac account to login, enter the keychain password and restart. If you face any problem get MacBook support to deal in the right manner.


How to Change Keychain Password?

If you are looking change the keychain password, you can follow the right steps. Channing password can create a problem. You can be also asked to change keychain password on regular basis to ensure the authentication. Open keychain access and select “Change Password for Keychain login” but here you need to out the old password. If you successfully entered password your new password will be updated.

How to Recover Keychain Password?

In case of keychain password forgot you can recover the same with the help of password change mac support offered by certified technicians. Though you can try yourself by launching keychain access and search the relevant keychain item like name of your wireless network etc. At the bottom of the page you can discover the “show password” checkbox, check this box and you will be urged for your keychain password, enter the same and you can view the passwords for the application, service and network on your screen.

Ban jackson He is a Senior Software Engineers and specialist in Mac computer series. With his enrich knowledge and experience of over 15 yrs he is sharing the technological setbacks affecting devices running on Mac computers. He has earlier worked with other tech giants and well-versed with computer problems and how to fix technical issues effectively.

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