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How to Fix iMac Running Very Slow Issue?

October 26, 2018 No Comments Support for iMac Ban jackson

Generally after using iMac for a period of time you may feel it responding slow it may be due to memory of the Mac is about to fill or due to temporary files or may be due to too much applications running in the back ground. The troubleshooting work for all Mac but it will depend on the version you are using.

If while working on Mac your Mac is frozen and read blog to know How to Fix MacBook Froze problem to solve the error. But if your system is running slow or responding very slowly you can follow below steps by step instructions to fix iMac running very slow issue.

imac running slow

Steps to Fix iMac Running Very Slow 2018:


Step1: Open Mac system and open finder.

Step2: Look for hard drive folder and check if the drive is about to full.

Step3: Browse all the old files or the files no longer used by you.

Step4: Delete unwanted files or transfer them to an external hard drive.


Step1: Open Mac app store and search Mac OS.

Step2: Open the panel of Mac OS and search for updates.

Step3: Install latest Mac Operating System.


Step1: Open Mac and enter system preferences.

Step2: Open User & Groups and click on login option.

Step3: Enter your username and password of the account and look for unwanted apps.

Step4: Press “-“button located below the list to delete unwanted apps.


Step1: Open applications folder.

Step2: Now select to open the utilities folder.

Step3: Now click on the memory tab located here.

Step4: Look for all unwanted process running select the app and hit grey cross button on the top left of the menu screen.


Step1: Clean your desktop as Running desktop will consume more ram if too much items.

Step2: Open browser and check it for extensions not in use disable and delete the extensions.

Step3: Search and open /library/cache from finder and delete all the junk files saved in the Mac.

Call Mac Support Number +1-877-232-0717 to Fix My iMac Running Slow Problem

Above in the blog are the best methods listed by experts to fix iMac running very slow issue. If after executing methods you are not able to fix error codes in your Mac you can contact iMac support phone number Toll free by calling on +1-877-232-0717 to get in touch with iMac support certified professionals round the clock.

Ban jackson He is a Senior Software Engineers and specialist in Mac computer series. With his enrich knowledge and experience of over 15 yrs he is sharing the technological setbacks affecting devices running on Mac computers. He has earlier worked with other tech giants and well-versed with computer problems and how to fix technical issues effectively.

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