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AirDrop is files sharing app for all the Apple devices including MacBook, iPhone and iPad with high speed transfer of photos, videos, locations, voice memos, or notes from one device to another over the "air. Though, it is one of the most underused features in Apple Mac devices but it can provide one of the best data sharing experience for Apple iPhone and Mac users.  To use this application you need to setup with right configuration and recommended settings.

How Does AirDrop Works on Mac & iPhone?

AirDrop use the wireless technology of Bluetooth to create a Wi-Fi network between Apple devices. Actually, at the time of transferring the files each device creates a firewall around the connection and all the files are transferred encrypted making it a safe data transfer process. When you turn-on the AirDrop it will automatically detect the nearby supported devices but other device should be close enough to establish a strong wireless connection for uninterrupted file transfer. In fact AirDrop uses Wi-Fi network for faster data transfer even for large files.

How to Set Up AirDrop on Mac?

To setup AirDrop on your Mac computer you need to navigate through Go and select AirDrop icon located under finder menu bar. When Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on, AirDrop also automatically turns on, so if they are turn-off, first turn-on. At the bottom of AirDrop window you can select the setting of visibility either Contacts Only or Everyone to receive files. AirDrop window displays images for nearby users and, so drag the file you want to send and recipient is prompted to accept the file before it is saved unless the receiving device already signed in iCloud account. All the transferred files are stored in the download folder on your Mac computer.

How to Use AirDrop on Mac?

To use the AirDrop you need to open the app and find the content you are looking to share. To send the multiple items tap select and then tap items one-by-one. Make sure in both the devices AirDrop is on and you can also send links to app with AirDrop if you are using iOS 10 and higher version. Now tap share or tap the AirDrop user that you want to send the content and you can also AirDrop content between your Apple devices and if you don’t see AirDrop users you can call for AirDrop support number for online assistance and solve the issue.

How to Turn On or Turn Off AirDrop on Mac?

To turn on the AirDrop on your Mac computer you just need launch the finder on your Mac and click on “AirDrop” in the slidebar. Now, turn-on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Mac, then select the "Allow me to be discovered by" option as "Everyone" or "Contacts only. Here, after turning on AirDrop on Mac you can drag the items you want to share and send to recipients. Once you successfully share the data you can turn-off the AirDrop and Bluetooth functions on your Mac.

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on Mac issue?

This is one of the most common problems among the users when AirDrop stop working on your Mac and you can’t share data using this application. Actually, there are many reasons that cause AirDrop not work in your Mac and most of them are very common that users can check and fix themselves. The few popular causes are like device incompatibly, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth not turn-on, AirDrop settings to share, DND on, improper distance, firewall settings on Mac and wireless connectivity problems are the top issues can cause AirDrop not working on Mac. Check all these things and if problem not solved call the techies to fix this issue professionally.

Fix AirDrop Not Working Issue with Apple Support

If you are really encountered with AirDrop not working on MacBook Pro or iMac, you need a proper assistance by a professional technician who will run a right troubleshooting process and fix the error stopping AirDrop to work on your Mac system. You are at right destination to get assured solution for this issue, you just need to call us on our Toll-free number or send a mail with your contact details and our techies will get in touch with you. Just allow the remote access of your Mac computer and our expert will find out the actual problem and fix the same without asking you unnecessary questions to save your time and efforts.

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We are an independent tech support service provider offering online assistance Apple AirDrop not working issues on Mac, MacBook, Pro, Air, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone and other Apple devices running Mac iOS 11. Our techies will take your system on remote and find out what is problem and why AirDrop in not working on your computer, once the problem is detected it will fixed remotely. The remote based troubleshooting process is done with complete safety while ensuring your privacy. So, don’t wait and just dial Apple Mac customer support number and get the right solution for AirDrop remotely. Our AirDrop helpline number is open 24-hour to help you anytime as per your ease.

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