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How to Fix Invalid Certificate Error in Safari?

April 12, 2018 Support for Safari Ban jackson

Web browsing on Safari browser is interrupted by invalid certificate error could be annoying as well as risky, as it means Safari is not verify the website you are trying to visit. The site is not secured and visiting on such web pages can harm your computer. To check the validity of website certificate just

How to Fix Apple iTunes Error 0x80090318?

April 5, 2018 Support for iTunes sync Error Ban jackson

iTunes is compatible with Mac devices to sync different data or share it between Apple devices including MacBook, iPhone and iPad etc. Syncing can take time as per the volume of data and internet speed but if you face any error or error code then it must be fixed instantly under the management of expert

How to Fix Black Screen Error on MacBook Pro?

April 2, 2018 Support for MacBook Pro Ban jackson

MacBook Pro is specially designed for the users to perform the task with most comfortably and hassle-free. But the users may always ready to get in touch with the Mac technical support because there are different types of technical fault that create problems suddenly. Some of the examples of technical faults that are faced earlier

How to Set Up AirDrop on Mac and iOS devices?

March 24, 2018 Setup AirDrop on Mac Ban jackson

AirDrop is an ad-hoc service supported with Mac devices operating on Mac OS and iOS operating system. It has been developed and released by Apple Inc. to share the files among Macintosh devices connected over bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If you are willing to enjoy this service on your Mac devices then you may need to

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Available Problem in Mac OS X?

March 14, 2018 Support for Mac OS X Ban jackson

As we are aware about the need and importance of Bluetooth as it makes the life easier in many ways. It has different features like continuity, Handoff, file sharing and many more. Almost all the devices have Bluetooth service which should be installed and configured with all the required driver setup. In case if it

How to Reset Apple Keychain Password?

March 6, 2018 Support for Keychain Password Ban jackson

If you are using Apple device and looking to reset the Apple Keychain Password then you will find the exact help on this page. You will find the accurate steps which will help you to get rid of Apple reset password problem. The technicians available here will identify the cause and then provide the methods

How to Authorize Your Computer on iTunes on a Mac?

February 19, 2018 Support for iTunes sync Error,Support for Mac Ban jackson

The new computer needs to be authorized it with iTunes and an Apple ID which let the users to get sync apps, books, music, movies, and different contents from the iTunes Store. The users can also re-download previous apps from the App Store that enables Home Sharing with iTunes, and also allows for some iCloud

How to Delete Documents and Data from Apple iCloud?

February 6, 2018 Support for Icloud Ban jackson

Apple iCloud is an online storage service offered by Apple through which the users can upload and save photos, documents, calendars notes and contacts on one location. There are different types of problems that can be faced with it and it should be settled with best results. The problem may be like installation, configuration, setup,

How to Solve Issue “Apple MacBook Not Accepting Password”?

January 31, 2018 Support for Macbook Ban jackson

MacBook is a device launched by Apple Inc. with best and world class features which make it run nonstop without encountering any issues. It just needs to be configured with correct setup otherwise there are various unexpected problems get faced and to get is solved immediately. The problems are like Slow Running of MacBook, Software

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